Do you or your team need a coach?

Here are a few questions for you:

Do you see a sense in your work?
Can you teach your values​​?
Do you have fun and enjoy your work?

Here are a few questions for your team:

Does your employee see you as a good example?
Are you viewed in your team as fair and tolerant?
Do you work in a culture that is characterized by openness and appreciation?

If you can answer all these questions with yes, you may not need coaching. If not, I offer you the following:

Individual Coaching

In individual coaching, we reflect together on your professional and / or personal situation.
As a coach, I will help guide you from a neutral, professional position and we work together on your concerns, find new views and additional options.

Team Coaching

In team coaching we discuss roles within successful teams and find out together, who plays which role in the team. Understanding the roles and how to best accomplish them can drive individual behavior change within a team. With this knowledge, we promote mutual trust and strengthen the long-term cooperation of the team.