Experienced temporary manager in a leadership position to bridge gaps in leadership.

I am available as an experienced and proven manager for temporary executive tasks.
Unlike business consultants the interim manager accepts direct responsibility for results - in a department or in a line function; with interim managers the local implementation in the company is dominated.

Potential Interim Management situations are:

  • Implementation of a restructuring
  • Establishment of a new office
  • Enhancing company sale-ability
  • Acquisition integration
  • Major project focus enhancement
  • Family business leadership change
  • Temporary manager or specialist vacancy 

The approach is based on the individual position and agreed in detail with the client company.

Example Assignment: Interim CEO

  1. Establish agreed to target in the contract i.e. revenue or profit target
  2. Get to know the managers and employees
  3. Develop reorganization of responsibilities if needed
  4. Team development of the department / area teams, individual coaching of key personnel
  5. Implement of a cost reduction program and reliability program
  6. Develop and implement product development and launch process