Possible departments:

  • Product development, R & D department, application engineering, etc. 

Possible topics:

  • Increase efficiency in product development 
  • Introduction of Innovation Management
  • Developing the right products for the company's future 
  • To find and create one-day workshop in creativity technology for new products

Possible approach:

  • One day workshop with 6-12 of your employees: Find the next generation product with creativity techniques
    - 3 new product ideas are guaranteed
    - Works with one of my developed and tested day workshops (see pictures)


  • Staff analysis regarding strengths and opportunities for development in cooperation with real-Coaching® 
  • Organizational adaptation / change based on the existing employee potential
  • Incentive creation - new pay systems for AT staff 
  • Personality development of boss
  • Increasing efficiency in product development, shorter product development times, choosing the right products (new cash-cow products
  • Introduction of an innovation process custom tailored to your company's needs
  • Implementation of four phases: ideas, planning, construction, 0-series and series phase 
  • Application of a wide variety of creative techniques, integration of customers, employees, students and the web (open innovation) in the generation of new product ideas