Topic Selection:

  • Advice and support for manufacturing companies in high-wage countries 
  • Production process-oriented organization
  • Production supervisor development as entrepreneurial department heads, team leaders and masters
  • Focus on processes - control processes, production processes and communication processes
  • Lean Production, Toyota production system -> learn from the Japanese not copy them, Western Europeans are different, that means we need other methods 
  • CIP system implementation or development into a self-running system

Possible Approach

  • Staff analysis regarding strengths and opportunities for development in cooperation with the company echt.coaching® 
  • Organizational adaptation / change organization based on the existing employee potential
  • Development of a suitable production system for your company 
  • Introduction of a continuous improvement system within the company - CIP
  • implementation and development in all areas: office, sales and production 
  • Incentive creation - new payment systems for staff and operational managers
  • Introduction of MTM in the production 
  • Personality development of supervisors, team leader and department leaders

My Strengths:

  • Fast analysis of complex relationships
  • Hands-on: offering practical concepts and solutions with direct implementation 
  • Fast implementation of optimization potentials in the manufacturing area
  • Qualified trainer and coach for Lean Thinking 
  • Networking between industry and science
  • Creativity workshops with direct results 
  • Innovation Manager