"Marius Gartner Interim Manager, Consultant and Coach" was founded in December 2013.
Dr. Marius Gartner has over 20 years experience in manufacturing companies in Germany.

USP (unique selling point):
If you want to produce in a high-wage country and continue to manufactue there, I can help you.
As a longtime expert on manufacturing companies, I organize your compnay in your business so that youmanufacture profitable.


  • In the Research & Development and Production  area
  • With brand new products by Innovation Management
  • Produce more with the most economical production technology 
  • In the production organization which matches perfectly your product
  • A truly continuous improvement system (CIP) with major savings every year

The company "Marius Gartner Interim Manager, Consultant and Coach" specializes in manufacturing companies. You can request me as:


Interim Manager:
Temporary Manager for your business as an area, department or manager for 2-3 days per week for 3-12 months

As a consultant on a daily rate basis for further development of your production and / or your development

As a team or individual coach on an hourly basis in support of divisions, departments and managers

Project Manager:
As an external project manager on daily rate basis for your specific project in the production, development, quality or cost reduction


In the event of workload conflicts or sickness, I have colleague consultants in my network that know my approaches and procedures.

I like working with students of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and business administration, and leverage their skill development to make the time-consuming studies and evaluations.